NetFlix Streaming Comes to Sony Bravias

NetFlix Streaming Comes to Sony Bravias

Range Govindan
Jul 9, 2009

If you are using NetFlix to stream movies, you'll soon be loving their new partnership with Sony. This will make streaming movies to your Bravia TV a cinch and remove a bunch of messy wires, if that's what you used to do before. It will be very easy to stream movies from NetFlix and snail mail won't be involved anymore in your movie rentals.

If you own a Sony Bravia TV, actually it has to be a Internet Video-capable HDTV or an older Bravia with the $200 Internet video link module, then you can rejoice, because NetFlix movie streaming is coming to your TV pretty soon! The module was soon replaced with a built-in component, so you might even have this without knowing. This is the latest partnership announced by NetFlix and it makes streaming movies to your TV all that easier. In fact, NetFlix is the only movie streaming that really matters.

NetFlix movie streaming is a really great service which lets you stop sending DVDs around with snail mail and use an online service. No more late DVDs and no more forgetting to send packages back to them. This could likely open a whole new market segment for Sony and NetFlix, bringing the service to people who had never really thought about using it this way.

Starting in the fall, anyone with the required setup will be able to stream NetFlix's entire library, HD included, as if they would have a dedicated box, like the Roku. You'll have to queue up the streams via the website and select the NetFlix option on your HDTV. It sounds pretty straightforward. For some strategic reason, Sony has neglected to include the PS3 in this affair. It would be pretty logical to include it. However, it's still a pretty cool idea that will work soon.
[via Gizmodo, top image via Engadget]

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