Neuros OSD Digital Recorder

Neuros OSD Digital Recorder

Oct 12, 2007

Digital freedom. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has revolutionized how we watch TV, but we've never been in complete control. Sure we can record what we want, if we have the proper proprietary equipment. But, Neuros OSD sets to give us the freedom to record what we want, and how we record it.

The Neuros OSD is Linux-based digital video recorder that controls your TV, cable box, etc. and allows you to record all your favorite media. Just like any other DVR you can set it up a schedule of your favorite shows, and play it back later when you want to watch it. Here's where the freedom comes in...

Where do you want to record your data? Well with the Neuros it can be saved to an external hard drive or any memory card you choose (even thumb drives will work.) And how do you want to record it, well the Neuros supports an array of video formats from MPG to AVI. And finally, you don't need a computer to use it, but it will work with your computer if you want.

Some complain about its video quality, while Boing Boing reviewed two with great accolades. If you're the type that likes to hack your machine, Neuros encourages it and paid hackers for adding features like a You Tube interface. Available here for $229.

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