Neuton Battery Powered Gardening Tools: Mowers, Trimmers, and Blowers

Neuton Battery Powered Gardening Tools: Mowers, Trimmers, and Blowers

Range Govindan
Jun 3, 2009

Gardening and mowing your lawn is always a pleasurable experience, especially since summer is about to arrive in style. For most lawns, you absolutely need a gas-powered lawnmower. The smaller electric corded ones can't reach. However, that's no longer the case. With the new Neuton lawnmower (previously tested by Grace over at Apartment Therapy LA), you'll be able to tackle the largest lawns. Plus, there are a bunch of other handy battery-powered gardening tools available as well.

You've probably read our review of the Neuton CE5.2 which we reviewed last year. The Neuton CE 6 is its larger brother. It will cut a 19" path and since it's an electric lawnmower, it's pretty quiet and eco-friendly. Like the CE 5.2, there is no gas or oil involved in this lawnmower. It relies on battery power. It's cordless and can be recharged in 12 hours. One charge will last you about 1 hour and will cost you about 10 cents in electricity. The CE 6 has got 360 watt-hours of battery energy, so it's plenty to mow through tall and wet grass.

How much can you cut with one charge? You can mow about 1/3 acre (about 15,000 sq.ft) on a single charge. If you run out of juice, you can always purchase extra batteries to continue mowing instead of waiting. An extra battery for the CE 6 will set you back about $100. The lawnmower itself costs $500. The smaller CE 5 costs $400. Just to give you an idea, you'll save about $250 a year in operating costs if you use a Neuton. Most of those savings come from gas and oil prices which a battery powered lawnmower doesn't need.

Neuton also offers a bunch of different battery-powered products for garden use. All of these devices share the same type of battery, so they are interchangeable. There is a great-looking trimmer, a chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and blower available between $90 and $110. [via Crunchgear, images via Neuton]

We've also got two YouTube videos for your showcasing the new Neuton CE 6. This first video showcases the way that the Neuton can cut tall grass.

This is a tour of the lawnmower. As you can see, it's eerily quiet.

Neuton CE 5.2 in the Test Lab

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