Never Ending Task: Your Gadget Wishlist

Never Ending Task: Your Gadget Wishlist

Joel Pirela
Jul 20, 2011

It was 1979 when we first got a Sony Walkman; we knew our fate was cursed from that point on, as it was with this portable device our condition of upgrade-itis was born. We soon learned the importance of keeping all the original packaging and manuals for maximum resale value (tip: take a photo before and while you unpack, so you know what goes where). Here's our current short list... of possible tech upgrades we've been considering...

Geneva Sound S:
From all the ipod docks out there, you may think we are crazy to pick a $299 one when there are some at even $10… but nobody does sound like the one we've heard from Geneva Labs. It's tiny and it will fit nicely on top of a side table or even on a book shelf with no problem. Comes in different colors and the finish is a luscious, glossy, candy like wonder. We are really sad that it doesn't come with built in bluetooth as we would love to keep our iPhone on our pocket while streaming tunes in the office.

Digital Camera:
There are times when taking pictures with your iPhone doesn't cut it anymore. We sold our digital camera a while ago and didn't upgrade right away. Big mistake. That money is gone now and we still need a camera. Looking at the options, we are deciding between the Leica X1, FujiFilm X100, Sony Alpha Nex-5 and another gazillion of the new breed of Micro 4/3rds cameras. If Leica doesn't come up with a X2 soon, we are going to go for the Sony Alpha Nex-5. We are familiar with the Sony cameras and the fact that you are able to switch between lenses is a big plus (this is not available on the FujiFilm or the Leica X1)

Our vintage Panasonic 42 Plasma is aging gracefully but technology and connectivity wise is a little far behind. We only have 1 HDMI input and we need at least 3. At this point, we want to upgrade the size to 46" and we would like the panel to be LED LCD. Since we have an Apple TV2, we don't need, or want the widgets and Apps and all that... and 3D is not even on the list. This Samsung LED 6500 "Smart TV" with the ultra slim bezel sounds like a great contestant. It comes with 3D but nothing is perfect in life.

We always have been a big fan of tactical flashlights. They are rugged, almost indestructible and can withstand being dropped or submerged in water without any hiccups. We still remember when a post 9-11 TSA agent asked us at a check point "Why do you carry a flashlight?" and our response was a simple "To see in the dark". Flashlights are just that. A safety device that is there when you need it, like a spare tire that you are happy to see when you get a flat. Surefire has been the pioneer in light technology and we personally know the head of design and manufacturing at Surefire, which makes us more confident of the torches they produce. That's why we want the Surefire M3 LED. If we need to settle for only one flashlight, this is it: 800 lumens at 10 ounces. Don't faint when you see the price.

ICE Unit:
This is not your Immigration and Customs Enforcement but "In Car Entertainment". We got tired of the obsolete looking headunit that came standard with our vehicle and we are planning to upgrade to a double DIN "do it all" receiver. Pioneer came up with a clever device called "AppRadio", which pretty much uses your iphone as a main source to feed the display. Navigation, Apps, iPod, Video, Pandora… they are all there. The display is touchscreen, so the user interface is similar to what you are used to. Price wise, is a very sensible $399.

Watch Winder:
We have an obsession with mechanical watches, while the majority of them are from the manual kind (the ones you have to wind every other day) we started investigating about the automatic ones (the ones that wind themselves with the movement of your arm via an oscillating rotor placed on their tiny mechanisms) The problem is, that when you have your automatic watch in storage and you want to wear it again you'll need to set the time, date and pre-wind it to keep it going. Enter the watch winder. They provide, via a motorized holder, a simulation of the arm movement, thus keeping the watch ready for you. The stackable carbon fiber cube winder is perfect for our plan as it can be stacked with other units in case our collection grows. Fantastic!

Now that you saw where our money is going this year, what about you? what do you have on your shortlist or what suggestions do you have to this list?

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