The Year of the Cleared-Off Coffee Table!

The Year of the Cleared-Off Coffee Table!

Colleen Quinn
Jan 5, 2009

In order to look ahead to 2009, I'm going to have to look back for a moment to 2008. Last year, I really focused on my home and on apartment related projects. I Cured, I January Jumpstarted, and I replaced or refrurbished lamps, assorted furniture, bedding, etc. Despite all that work, in December I still found myself with an apartment that made me jittery. My best Christmas present this year came from my sister- she gave me the gift of a comfortable home for the holidays. After my Christmas wreath was stolen from my door, I basically entered a holiday funk that was only made worse by the knowledge that my apartment resembled a Law and Order crime scene after my most recent attempt to sort and organize my stuff....

On Dec 23rd, my sister got the keys to my apartment from my landlord and created order out of chaos. She cleaned, she sorted, she threw away papers, she hung up clothes, she put away books- she even set up my Christmas tree. She completed all the tasks I had half-started, and she did it because she wanted me (and my visiting USMC husband) to have a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere in which to spend our ten precious days together. She gave me back the home I had after my first, most successful Cure, and she inspired in me the determination to keep it.

Conversations with most of my friends have revealed that most of them seem to have at least one home-related resolution on the 2009 list. For my part, I resolve not to get so caught up in projects that I neglect the small things that more immediately impact my space. I am good at big projects, but 2008 taught me that having the perfect coffee table is not that satisfying if you can't see it under the pile of books and paper and project sheets; I resolve that 2009 will be the year of the cleared off coffee table!

Given that this is a blog devoted to home and decor issues, I'm certain many readers also have home-related resolutions for the coming year; please share them with us in the comments below.

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