New Apartment Therapy + HGTV Episode Airs This Week

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Watch this at home & try this at home. A new episode of Mission: Organization is coming up this week on HGTV (channel 131 in NYC). In this episode, we are working with Brice Galliard, a magazine editor, to turn her VERY SMALL, West Village one-bedroom into a home where she can live, work and entertain, without going crazy. This is a fun transformation because Brice has great taste and nice things to work with, so we just get down to the business of cleaning house (letting go of things is not easy for her), restyling her style and coming up with inventive solutions (such as getting rid of all her CD’s, going wireless and using a Squeezebox to play the music). We haven’t seen the tape yet, so we won’t say anymore. MGR

July 7 – 9:30pm
July 7 – 1:30am
July 9 – 2:00pm
July 10 – 9:00pm
July 11 – 1:00am