New Appliances Don't Always Fit Through the Doorway

New Appliances Don't Always Fit Through the Doorway

Taryn Williford
Jun 21, 2010

You've heard the horror stories of thrifty New York City apartment dwellers who've spent a lifetime getting a great deal on an original designer sofa, only to realize that it won't easily be carried around the winding staircase of their third floor walk-up. It's sad, yes, to watch the movers have to cut apart the gorgeous find. But they're lucky: Some people have the same problems with just-purchased appliances that can't be taken apart.

We just helped some friends move into a lofty condo here in Atlanta (yes, it was H.O.T.). After a few sweaty trips, we all took a break to grab a seat on a sturdy box and sip on some cold drinks.

We admired our friend's new place and the gorgeous new appliances inside—including the industrial-restaurant-style fridge which apparently almost never was.

They told us the story about how the refrigerator was far too big for the doorways and tight corners of their hallways. Just moving it from the freight elevator to their new place was a several-hour process—and on each tight corner, they considered scrapping the fridge for a new, smaller one.

Eventually, after acquiring NASA-engineering skills, the fridge did make it's way inside, but we're wondering if any of you readers have had experiences that didn't end so nicely. Tell us in the comments!

(Image: Flickr user .jowo. under license from Creative Commons.)

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