Card Case App Might Help Redefine Business Transactions

Card Case App Might Help Redefine Business Transactions

Mike Tyson
May 25, 2011

For many of us, we have several neighborhood resutrants or cafes that we frequent on a regular basis. Whether it's your daily coffee stop in the morning before work or the quaint brunch place you always find yourself in Sunday morning, we seem to have an urge to return back time and time again to these familiar (And hopefully delicious) spots. App developer Square's newest offering Card Case, promises to be an extremely useful tool for us "regulars" who can't seem to avoid these irreisistable spots.

In a world focused on efficency, it is no surprise that an app like Card Case exists. What it aims to do is simplify the transaction process between you and your favorite resturants. The foundation of Card Case's functionality is based around a digital tab. You walk into a resturant compatable with the Card Case system, order your food through the app, receive it, and walk out. Yep. That's it. Using location-based software, Card Case is able to identify where you are and pay for your meal automatically. No more fumbling with cash, putting in your bloody debit card pin number, or signing your name on the line. It's simple, efficent, and easy for both customer and business.

Of course being such new technology, there are some major drawbacks. This functionality only works with stores who are equipped using Square's payment method. You can't expect to walk into just any old Target or Starbucks and walk out with a product without paying, hoping Card Case has you covered. Instead, places who have adopted this technology are few and far between. And in fact, it is a safe bet to say that larger chains would likely never implement this method of payment. Another drawback is the disappearance of anything physical exchanging hands, making you perhaps more apt to buy more things because it's harder to get a sense of the amount without handling it. This issue was raised first with credit/debit cards and then online shopping.

But there are growing pains with all new technology. Card Case is no different. We appreciate the desire to revolutionize the payment system we're all so accustomed to at this point. Like being able to pay your subway fair with a flash of your phone, the capabilities of a smart phone are still largely unntouched. We can invision large systems put in place that would allow us all to walk into any store and have a quick and easy transaction without ever opening our wallet. This kind of technology could possibly cut down on the damages of street robberies if you're carrying less (if any) cash at any given moment. Needless to say, we're intrigued to see where this technology could go. Can you think of more examples of how similar apps or systems could be developed in order to propel this further?

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