Brooklyn New Construction Gets Character

Brooklyn New Construction Gets Character

Katie Steuernagle
Sep 24, 2012

Good news first: Saturday's episode of Home By Novogratz was so packed with Apartment Therapy-relevant content that we're going to have tons to talk about. Bad news: there will be less opportunity in this post for me to talk about myself. Oh well. On to the design!

First, it's a one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn that got a whopping big makeover. The homeowners were having some issues in their newly constructed building with dividing the space into functional areas. So Bob and Cortney laid out a great room plan that included a dining area near that big, gorgeous window, a living room in the middle, and an office nook under the stairs. Smart. I would've stuck the desk in the window, and then stared out the window when I'm supposed to be working.

Second, their carpenter added some wood to the drywall column things to give the room some warmth and texture. Wood does that, you know. It keeps a modern space from looking too Scarface slick.

Next, in the master bedroom, Cortney had her crew wallpaper a wall and the sloped ceiling and then added rich pops of plum along the wood trim. "Ben can handle it", she said of the client, and she was right. Ben loved it. The bed the Novos selected was low and layered to look both modern and vintage. And you can lie on that bed and look at that gorgeous wallpaper, which I wish I could do since my ceilings are always boring and white.

Cortney scattered amazing, vintage, non-matching light fixtures around the apartment because it adds so much character and sparkle and because, like I've said before, amazing vintage light fixtures follow Cortney home like stray cats.

Bob took the homeowners to photographer Catherine Hall to have a portrait made. And the result was awesome. Look at that photo. It's like something from Elle Decor, like Mrs. Head of the Foundation and her international financier hedge fund husband. So funny. If this couple ever does a house tour, the lead photo should be them standing in front of this photo in the exact same pose as in the photo.

(Images: Matthew Williams)

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