New from iRobot: Roomba 560

New from iRobot: Roomba 560

Janel Laban
Sep 6, 2007

Brand new and getting lots of love.

Farhad Manjoo at Machinist just published a glowing review of one of the newest iRobot Roombas (specifically the 560, $350.). We officially are claiming this new 500 series as the straw that broke the camel's back of our hesitation to buy our first robot. It's pretty exciting in that "embarrassed to be this excited about a cleaning product" way.

Manjoo also owns an earlier incarnation of the Roomba so his review is very complete, making comparisons and pointing out the improvements that he has found with this generation. Some excerpts below...

"IRobot's big improvement is in cleaning power. The Roomba 560's rotating brushes are hardier than those of the old model, and its vacuum is more effective; consequently it'll pick up trash -- coins, twist ties, paper, nuggets of food, dead leaves, and all manner of other dust and debris -- that the old version would just glide over.

The 560's traction is also better than that of previous Roombas. I've got a half-inch-high rug in my living room that my Discovery would often fail to negotiate. The new Roomba climbs up and cleans the rug, eliminating a spot I used to have to do by hand.

I also found the new Roomba exceptionally capable of disentangling itself from trouble. The habitat of the tech reporter is characterized by an overgrowth of cables. Stray audio and video cords can be found littering every corner of my house, and my old Roomba often slurps up one of these and gets stuck.

The 560 is much more discerning in what it eats. Once, it sucked in an RCA video cable that was hanging from my TV unit. After a few unpleasant sounds -- call it indigestion -- the Roomba spit out the cable and went along with its work. "

Read the complete review here. Get the official info from iRobot here.

We know that there are Roomba lovers out there...please share your thoughts below. Oh - and we're dying to know - did you give your Roomba a name?

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