New iMacs Have a Rumored Defect

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Is there trouble in shiny aluminum paradise? Well according to several customers, yes. Some new iMacs are arriving with a crack in the screen—even in pristine packaging.

Imagine that your desk at home has been waiting for a brand new, gorgeous 27″ LED-lit iMac since you ordered it online in October. But when it arrives and you giddily unbox your $2,000 toy, you find a crack in the screen. Pretty devastating news, huh?

We first read about this issue on the New York Times’ site. More than a few customers are finding cracked display screens, almost exclusively in the lower left-hand corner.

The Times suggests it’s due to insufficient packaging. But the fact that the peel-off screen cover and protective envelope covering it are unblemished suggests the problem is a manufacturing issue—but definitely not the customers fault.

Apple is replacing these defective computers, but many customers are reporting that it’s a hassle. Because so many are having this issue, replacement orders are backed up. Many Christmas gifts are going to be a little late this year, including blogger Phil Johnson‘s gift to himself. His blog post One Bad Apple details the difficult time he’s had dealing with Apple customer service over this issue.

Does this mean every computer is defective and you should return the wrapped iMac sitting under the tree for your kid? No. But unbox it carefully and keep an eye out for any issues in case you need to return it.

(Image: Flickr user Lady Madonna under license from Creative Commons.)