New & Improved Chargepod Charges Multiple Devices

New & Improved Chargepod Charges Multiple Devices

Range Govindan
Jan 27, 2010

Chargers are a hassle, especially if you have a lot of devices that need to be charged at the same time. This gets even worse when you are on the road or at home. But is it worth it?

The original Chargepod charged six devices at the same time. It cost $50, which we already though was a bit much at the time. The new version from Callpod solves the issue of carrying around all of your chargers, but at a price.

The Chargepod can juice up your cellphone, your laptop, your camera, and other devices all from a single power plug. It sounds great, but we think that paying $200 for this thing is a bit much. Sure, you'll save some space by replacing your chargers with one charger, that will rule them all, to paraphrase the Lord of the Rings, but $200?

That's not all! You'll need special cable tips for all of your assorted devices, and those don't come cheap either. Expect to spend $10 a pop for these cable tips. This is starting to sound ludicrous. In our minds, no single charger is worth $200, but hey, if you absolutely need it, you can get it.

Sure, cutting down on a few chargers will save you some space and hassle, but you'll have to pay a premium in order to do so.

[via DVice]

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