New Inspiration Website: Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden (or Friends of Friends) is a German website that documents creative people in their working and living spaces through photographs (much like The Selby) paired with interviews. As with most sites that show off the home of creatives, the interiors are worth bookmarking.

Found thanks to Kim at Desire to Inspire, Freunde von Freunden, primarily based in Berlin, is chock full of gorgeous homes and the stories behind them and the people who live there.

Here are just a few images from five of the nearly fifty homes that are currently featured on the site. Be sure to visit Freunde von Freunden for more inspiration (and the Google Web Translator is great for translating the site).


• The kitchen at Edsor Crowns, a tie manufacturer, in Kreuzberg, Berlin

• Home of gallery owner and art collector Thomas Andrae, Berlin-Grunewald

• Home of Hendrik Borgmann, actor and owner of Borgmann 1772, in Charlottenburg, Berlin

• Home of Frank Stüve, Managing Director of Villa Harteneck, Berlin-Charlottenburg

• Home of Berlin Chef and restaurateur Duc Ngo, Mitte, Berlin

Images: Ailin Liefeld / Freunde von Freunden