Here’s What This Weekend’s New Moon Means For Your Home

published Nov 13, 2017
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With the Sun traveling through Scorpio this past month, and meeting up for a sparklingly potent New Moon on 11/18, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, dig into the trenches, and get ready for some serious purging. But this lunar energy lends the zodiac’s Phoenix sign a softer, sweeter edge. Let change feel like simply slipping off an old duvet cover. Easy, breezy, and ready for brand new dreams.

Below, your sign-by-sign guide to both the stars and your interstellar interiors.


In the Stars: You’re one of the zodiac’s original rough riders, ready to take on any delicious challenge with a lick of your lamb chops. This cycle asks you to get down and dirty with battles of the interior, as you harness Scorpio energy to explore your deeper emotions that can’t always be actioned in the above-ground world.

In Your Space: Think ’70s James Bond adventures in Chinatown—deep red velvets meet black lacquer, beaded curtains, paper lanterns, and elaborate nocturnal florals. Deck out your space with accents that pay homage to the shadow parts of your own emotional cavern.


In The Stars: This New Moon lights up your zone of partnerships, and it’s a cycle for really exploring where you can go the distance in love. Where do you search for stability that feels stifling rather than expansive, and how can you shake up your romantic routine?

In Your Space: Think storybook interiors meet country carnal. Lacey curtains and gilded gold edge frames mixed with faux fur throws and rugs, wood, and leather.

House Tour: Lora and Frank’s Fun Modern Home (Image credit: Bethany Nauert)


In the Stars: This New Moon activates your area of health and humility, and it’s time to bow at the altar of your beautiful body. Where have you stopped venerating your health as a basic gateway to your creative capabilities? How can you treat your body as a treasured vessel? Where can you rediscover the magic in the intricacies of your daily routine?

In Your Space: Find divinity in the detail by creating mini altars around your space. These can be simple. Use “ordinary” items and infuse them with magic by giving them pride of place. Think nail polish lined up on a vanity, or organizing your spice cabinet. Let these small acts help you trust in the beauty of the so-called mundane.


In the Stars: This New Moon wants you to get wild and really embrace the “loonier” aspects of your spirit (your sign is Moon-ruled after all, crab cake cutie!). Notice where you hold back from fully expressing your juicy creative force and recapture the power of play in your life.

In Your Space: Barbie Dreamhouse meets Little Mermaid. Shell-abrate! While you may not be ready for completely over-the-top pinks and full leopard print, invite in softer, more playful elements slowly. Think a pop of magenta satin, or a phone shaped like a conch shell. Or even start in one small corner and treat it like a dollhouse, tapping into a vision from your childhood of what you thought “adult” life would be like.


In the Stars: While you’re usually the zodiac’s fluffiest disco glitter kitten, this Moon’s energies invite you into the quieter spaces of your home to explore your wet and wild inner world. Take plenty of time for necessary retreat and know that your sparkle and glow will still await you as the holiday party season starts up.

In Your Space: Think home-for-the-holidays meets getaway treehouse. Create a super sweet, safe space for yourself with cozy throws and classic accents that make you feel completely tucked in. Utilize dividers to cordon off a space that’s just for you if you live with others.


In the Stars: This New Moon has you buzzing, communicating, and curiously exploring what surrounds you. It’s a perfect moment for gathering more information about an issue, and just opening yourself wide to the range of possible answers to a question.

In Your Space: Sample the wares! Let your style be super eclectic this month without it having to “make sense.” Mix and match prints and patterns, pick up thrift store and flea market finds, and just delight in the crazy combos you can create when you release the need to get it “just right.”


In the Stars: This New Moon slides into your zone of self-worth and juicy, Venus-ruled physicality, and it’s a decadent moment for exploring what you value in the material world as an extension of what you want to attract more of energetically in your life.

In Your Space: Think Old Hollywood boudoir. Emeralds, creams, and pure sumptuous style. Navigate your space from a sensuous rather than necessarily visual place— choose textures that simply feel divine, and add candles and diffusers that deck your space out like the palace it’s meant to be. And roses. Lots and lots of roses.


In the Stars: This is your moment, stellar siren. Seize the spotlight and don’t apologize for your intensity one bit. Notice where you hold back from trusting others’ motives and let coming clean about your own liberate your fierce, feral spirit.

In Your Space: Draw inspo from Graceland’s interior and Liberace with no-holds-barred palatial kitsch. Think Vegas, ’50s stone walls, zebra prints, and yes, even felt. If this feels too frightening, start with one small accent or object in a place where you’ll see it each day—like the table beside your front door.


In the Stars: This New Moon happens in your zone of dreamy surrender, and it’s a delicious moment for letting it go and leaving it undone. Slow your wild horses, and let your penchant for far-flung adventuring happen with a pillow and blanket.

In Your Space: Ethereal chic. Think diaphanous materials, canopied beds, pastels, and stars on the ceiling. Infuse mysticism into your everyday with crystal accents and incense holders to support your dreamtime living.


In the Stars: This Moon ignites your area of eccentric futurism and major life upgrades, and you are seriously ready for radical redos, and re-upping your faith in what might await you around the next corner.

In Your Space: While you’re usually given to a more traditional aesthetic, use this cycle to play with wild pops. Think neon accents, chrome and steel, and glassy, glossy surfaces that reflect the light of a brand new day.


In the Stars: Get on top! This Moon slides into your zone of empowerment and self-sufficiency, and it’s prime time for speaking out and seizing what’s yours.

In Your Space: Game of Thrones meets wilderness minimalism. Play with objects and palettes that make you feel like royalty while also creating clear sight lines and a stripped-down aesthetic that will help you keep your eye on the prize. Use mirrors for room expansion, and splurge on a handful of really quality pieces that remind you of your worth.


In the Stars: This New Moon is touching into your zone of bareback riding and expansive vistas. It’s time for you to blow old beliefs out of the water and take to the open road.

In Your Space: Harness exotic eclecticism with objects and patterns from different cultures and moments in your life, maps and globes, and rich jewel tones and scents redolent of voyages. But keep it light; let your space feel like an open-air tent and purge past objects that will have you feeling ready for on-the-go living.