New Style Scents for Valentine’s Day: Bubbles, Candy, Paint & Dryer Sheets

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Oh, perfume! So luxurious, so seductive, so hard to pick out for someone else. This Valentine’s Day, instead of gambling on a pricy bottle, perhaps you’d like to add some deliciously-scented fun and sexy silliness to the proceedings..

  • Wode Paint by BOUDICCA is a blue spray paint (packaged in a stainless steel spray paint can, no less) that quickly disappears, leaving only fragrance behind. Inspired by the cobalt war paint worn by Queen Boudicca, I imagine Wode Paint would be fun to spray all over each other, or to scent linens & furnishings. Scary to spray paint your couch blue, but fun. (Am I the only one bothered by the fact that all of the promo photos make the model look like she’s bleeding blue blood? Disturbing.)
  • Merci New York featured the gorgeous Les Bulles d’Agathe made by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian. While they would be a lovely send-off for a newly-married couple, as suggested, why wait for a wedding? Host a little Valentine’s Day Dinner party with beautifully-packaged bubbles as a parting gift for each guest. Or better yet, draw your Valentine a bath, place a glass of bubbly and a vial of bubbles on the edge of the bath, and look forward to your bathroom smelling divine.
  • Years ago, PapaBubble collaborated with Commes des Garçons to create an edible fragrance, “The Taste of Commes des Garçons”. As Bloesem described it, “It is a powder candy that matches the perfume. Can you imagine giving your date an actual taste of your perfume… talking about seduction techniques…” Sadly, this was a very limited edition product, but I hope the future brings us more tantalizingly edible perfumes.
  • Deo Perfume Candy is a step in that direction, though with more of a drugstore-look than high-end perfume style. As New Hope reports, “Deo Perfume Candy contains geraniol, the main component in rose oil. Much like garlic, geraniol leaks through one’s pores, delivering a perfuming effect. It’s commonly used in many perfumes and is safe for consumption.” What do you think? The packaging is certainly not Valentine-worthy..
  • Finally, customizable perfumed dryer sheets! Don’t get too excited, they don’t exist yet. However, one Dennis Thomas has applied for a patent, so it’s only a matter of time. I’ve never encountered a dryer sheet that came close to what I’d like to smell like, but if my clothes could smell like my fragrance of choice? Dreamy!

(Images as credited above, except for Deo Candy from Meets Obsession and dryer sheets from This Week For Dinner.)