Noe Valley Chairs

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The name appears to be no deeper than a whim: one of Malik Gallery’s early owners named several of the SF-based company’s chairs after city neighborhoods. But the Noe Valley chairs, in Project Runway parlance, strike us as modern versions of a style icon, the Eames shell chairs, which were formed from a single, molded piece of fiberglass.

In this case, the twisted donut-like cradle seat is made from what looks like a single thick ribbon of polypropylene, a plastic which has some give.

Noe Valley chairs are available with two different kinds of bases, spider or tulip. The 4-legged spider base chair is $784. The pedestal-based tulip is $784 in chrome and $805 in satin. Lead time is roughly 10-12 weeks.

Available here in SF at Malik Gallery:

(Malik also has a Barbary Coast collection, a South Beach Series, a Golden Gate, a Potrero, and a Glen Park.)