A Dryer Sheet in the Washer?

A Dryer Sheet in the Washer?

Sarah Rae Smith
May 14, 2009

Now we've always been a big stickler when it comes to dryer sheets. We either don't use them at all, or make our own. But since we've been lugging our laundry to the laundromat lately, we can't help but be curious about this new product - you simply throw the sheet in your wash, transfer it with your clothes to the dryer and that's all she wrote. But not us, our thoughts after the jump!

Now we haven't tried the new Purex sheets, although a great deal of people on the world wide web have. After doing our homework (watching videos of people in their laundry room makes us feel lame) and checking out a ridiculous amount of blog entries, we haven't found a single bad review of the product. Although we only heard good things when it came to getting things clean, we did hear one mom report that she uses two for her extra large dirty loads.

Although we love the idea of an all in one product and the ease of lugging around bottles (no matter what size) we are still curious about a few situations. For instance, what happens when you wash your load and then hang it to dry? Can you retain the sheet, let it dry and use it later as a dryer sheet? After using the product can you use the left over sheet for anything? Dusting furniture maybe? Or is it destined to be a product that gets thrown away in the end?

We couldn't find any internet pricing yet as they are being released in stores across the country over the next few weeks, so hopefully we'll have an update for you soon!
Have you tried them yet? Let us know what you think below!

(Images: Purex.com)

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