New Speaker Search: Sounds 'Wood' To Us

New Speaker Search: Sounds 'Wood' To Us

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 27, 2011

What started as a small obsession roughly two years ago has now ignited a new industry of speakers made from fully sustainable materials. Hence, what better way to start off the new office speaker search than to explore some fashionably chic wooden options in today's market? Let's hear some recommendations!

Say, If We Were to Go Big: With different tastes from different folks, having an iPod/iPhone dock would be a necessity if we were going to allow for an equal playing field (no pun intended) for the folks at work. Having a giant set of $14,000 KMKG iTree speakers would certainly be sweet, but we imagine the lighting bill would probably stop getting paid if we were to do so.

A Vote for a Nice Corner Piece: Since Joel voiced so much enthusiasm about his recent toy, the Geneva S, we figured a larger corner unit would be the perfect compromise in terms of style and price. Then again, priced at $2,000 retail, that still remains a fair deal of convincing for the folks throwing down some dough on what could be outdated in a couple of years.

Mini-Entertainment for the Masses: We were once in love with this Vers 2x Sound System ($200), but apparently they no longer stock it. We were curious if any readers out there knew of a similar looking set to recommend? Of course, at this point, we're losing the bold footprint of a large, floor-standing system, but it's certainly much more portable and practical. Especially if one were to use AirPlay to link them all to iTunes, one could easily create a network of speakers around the office in no time at all.

What do you guys think? Should we go big and bold or string up the system for an AirPlay-tastic office workspace?

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