New Study: BPA Isn't The Only Chemical of Concern

New Study: BPA Isn't The Only Chemical of Concern

Amber Byfield
Mar 4, 2011

As I sit typing this, there's a BPA-free plastic water bottle sitting on my desk. Up until yesterday, I drank from it without hesitation, even after it sat in a warm car for a few hours. With every sip today, though, I'm worried about the potential ingestion of extra chemicals. "It's BPA-free," you might protest. Yes, but according to a recently released study, BPA might not be the only thing being released from common plastics.

A new study released in Environmental Health Perspectives states that estrogen-like chemicals can leach from plastics, even those that are free of BPA. As this article from NPR states, it is not yet clear whether these chemicals are harming people. There is one distinction to be made before getting too bent out of shape over this new study: it doesn't specifically look at health risks associated with these leached chemicals.

That said—does it make you want to opt for a glass reusable bottle option? We've pretty much gotten disposable plastics out of our life, and the home is clear of BPA, but... should we just avoid all plastics until further notice?

What do you think?

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(Image: Flickr member Kyle.Lebouf, licensed under Creative Commons.)

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