The New Trend is Nostalgia Tech: Reminders of the Past with Modern Capabilities

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: NEWBLACK)

This round-up was a long time in the making and I’m so excited that it has finally come together. I know I tend to feature many brand new tech-y products in this series, and it certainly seems that the capabilities of technology in today’s world are endless: everything can connect to wifi, Bluetooth, and, you name it, it’s got an app. However, over the past year I’ve seen a new trend of “nostalgia tech” — technology that remind us of the past, but has been reinvented with modern capabilities. Today I’ve gathered my favorites from this genre to share with you: each of these products is useful, playful, and is sure to evoke a memory from a decade (or century) past. Take a look, watch the story, and tell us what you think in the comments!

(Image credit: Lofree)

Keyboard by Lofree

This mechanical keyboard was the original discovery that inspired this round-up, and once I read about their Indiegogo campaign, I was so excited to get it in the office to test out. They say a picture is worth a thousand words — but not when it comes to Lofree’s new keyboard. Yes, it has a fabulous retro look, but the absolute COOLEST thing about this keyboard is the way it sounds. Close your eyes and start typing and you’ll hear the charming sounds of an old school typewriter.

This keyboard is a delight for all the senses. While the noise is incredibly soothing, the circular keycaps dip in such a way that they perfectly conform to your fingertips. The keyboard has three backlight settings and is available in a variety of fun, bright colors. And on the technical side, it’s able to pair with up to three different devices at once — wired or wireless — and is compatible with whatever operating system you might be using. So even though you might be blogging, gaming, or what have you, your keyboard will be evoking the nostalgia of a 19th century novelist.

(Image credit: Leibal)

World Clock by Elevenplus

I first saw this clock at New York Now and thought it was simply a retro-style analog clock made for design lovers. It turns out that it is quite a bit more. While this is the only product in the round-up that is battery powered and (gasp!) doesn’t pair with another device, Elevenplus has created a super cool world clock, completely functional in and of itself. Using an incredibly clever weighted mechanism, the clock simply rolls from side to side to show 12 different time zones for 24 different cities. Pretty impressive technology for a clock that doesn’t even display a digital time!

(Image credit: NEWBLACK)

Luciano Speaker by NEWBLACK

Last but not least, I was sent this gorgeous Luciano Speaker from Italian company NEWBLACK and was totally floored. This beautiful ceramic piece, constructed in Nove, an Italian town known for its ceramic artistry, has integrated the technological components typically found in hi-fi stereo systems. It’s incredibly easy to set up — simply pair it via Bluetooth with your phone or computer — and the sound quality is impeccable. Available in six different colors, this speaker celebrates the iconic shape of the phonograph (aka the world’s original Bluetooth speaker) while employing all the modern day technologies required for superior sound purity.

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