There’s a New Plant Trend and it’s Ugly as Hell (on Purpose)

updated May 3, 2019
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Plants! They’re everywhere! Inside, outside, in your bathroom, above your bed. From succulents to lush, romantic bouquets, it seems like there’s a plant trend for everyone. Everyone except maybe the funky-minimalist-with-an-artistic-eye-but-no-patience-for-a-run-to-the-florist. Enter Freakebana, a new “ugly-cool” way of arranging flowers, coined by The Cut‘s Editor In Chief, Stella Bugbee.

Inspired by magazine covers, Instagram posts and arrangements encountered while out and about, Bugbee wanted to identify the new style she was seeing popping up, and so Freakebana was born. She defines it as:

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The turnt cousin of Ikebana, Freakebana is the art of arranging whatever-the-hell, in a way that nods at the traditional Japanese art form, but subs out years of study for a naive, new-wave naturalism. In Freakebana, the components are more likely foraged from the corner deli, as opposed to a Shinto garden. Good Freakebana mixes sparse, eccentric elements for maximum surprise. Say: pink carnations, cubes of jello, an air plant, and Maldon salt crystals.

It’s about working with what you have and what you can find, and then creating something beautiful. Just because you don’t have access to a backyard, can’t afford a full bouquet of flowers, or just don’t have it in you to run to Trader Joe’s right now doesn’t mean you can’t bring some flora into your life. The mutant spirit of Freakebana celebrates the opposite of abundance. It can be channeled easily while sitting at a table with friends.” We’re here for that.

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