New Website: Gothic Cabinet Craft

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What’s the matter with Gothic Cabinet Craft? This is a question we have often been asked. Our answer? Um, nothing, except that their furniture is very simple and traditional….but not exactly in a stylish way. We have relied on Gothic Cabinet Craft more than a few times in our life in New York and regard it as very useful in a pinch, but be careful to finish and seal the wood, or it gets dirty and won’t last long (We bought two wooden stools, didn’t finish them, and they expanded in the humidity and fell apart before the summer was over).

Gothic is good! They do have very low prices on apartment staples (big 70% sale right now). And they have a brand new website – much needed – that make it easier to see everything they have and what the prices are. MGR

If you have a review for Gothic Cabinet Craft, do tell….comment below.