New Year Clear-Out: Storage Bins Become Sorting Bins

New Year Clear-Out: Storage Bins Become Sorting Bins

Tess Wilson
Jan 10, 2013

Since the Prosecco and presents appear to have run dry, I'm finally jumping on this fresh-start bandwagon. My plan is to go through every drawer, every cupboard, and especially every bin on my "Scandinavian" Shelves. As I fill give-away and recycling bags, I'm repurposing and relabeling the empty bins to keep myself on track...

Here's the thing: I can't think with piles of stuff everywhere. I need places to store my books to sell, clothes to sell, clothes to offer to friends, and garage sale hopefuls until I have a critical mass, without them being everywhere in the meantime. My goal for the next two days is to clear out one of the largest bins, allowing me to fill it with to-be-donated goods. That pile is growing quickly, and though a car would come in handy, I'd settle for a little red wagon right about now.

Besides coralling all the things I'm getting rid of, the bins allow me to keep track of all the beloved things I'd like to hold onto. I don't necessarily have a place to display them right now, nor do most of the things fall into an easily organizable category, so they're all hanging out in a precious jumble labelled "KEEP". I also have a "KEEP: PAPER" bin full of flat and fragile items and a "KEEP: FOREVER" bin of things I might not need in the next year but definitely don't want to get rid of.

Any other major categories I'm forgetting? I've gone through all the bins except two so far (my embroidery bins- sure to be a tangle) and will be hitting up my craft drawers next, and then moving onto the closet. I've filled three paper grocery bags with give-away items, one full recycling bin, and am jazzed to keep going.

(Image: Tess Wilson)

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