New Year, New Look: 7 Wardrobe Resolutions

New Year, New Look: 7 Wardrobe Resolutions

Tess Wilson
Jan 5, 2015
(Image credit: Lauren Naimola)

I should be making all sorts of responsible resolutions regarding fiscal planning and what-not, but dance parties and $4 Trader Joe's Prosecco have left me too festively tuckered to think of such matters. Fashion planning in the meantime!

1. Buy 1 Pair of Decent Jeans Last year I desperately needed pants to wear to my new (very casual) job, so I bought three pairs of jeans at Forever21 for $10.80 a pop. The price was exactly right for my financial situation, I loved being able to buy blue, dark blue, and black, and I was generally thrilled with the transaction. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that $10.80 worth of jeans is not very much, and there's been some serious sagging, slipping, shrinking, and pilling. My goal this year is to buy one pair of decent jeans that actually fits my specific shape instead of three subpar placeholders. Anyone have any J Brands they'd like to sell me for, like, $32.40?

2. Admit I Probably Won't Lose 20lbs I acquired some gorgeous dresses from the many amazing thrift stores of San Francisco, but that was 2 years and 20 pounds ago. I might lose a bit of fat if I get a non-desk-job or find a nearby pool to swim in- but I really don't want to lose any of my hard-earned muscle. It's time to say farewell to several favorites- anyone like to buy some Trina Turk and BCBG frocks?

3. Keep Painting/Messy Clothes Separate From Decent Ones Six months of house renovations required (and created!) a bunch of clothes that are only good for such occasions. I've got shredded, varnish-stained jeans, paint-splattered boots, even paint-ier sweaters, and bleach-spotted tank tops galore. I know that there are plenty of times in the near future that I'll need to wear these glamorous outfits again, but I hate pawing through them every time I get dressed. A box of beat-up clothes stored in the back of the closet would do the trick- and clear out much-needed space in my limited drawers.

4. Wear Dresses For Successes I only like wearing dresses but for the past year I've pretty much been stuck in jeans, thanks to a combo of weight gain and the Polar Vortex- and I've hated almost every moment of it. I'll keep my jeans for hiking and work and such, but it's time to get back into dresses. If that means laying three pairs of "heat-generating" fleece-lined tights on top of each other, so be it. And stock up on dresses for me, thrift stores of rural Illinois!

5. Keep Those (Sartorial) Worlds From Colliding Here's how my wardrobe works: I have sweaters, jeans, and long-sleeved shirts that I don't really like but that are perfectly presentable and professional. They are great for wearing to work, day in, day out. The clothes I love (including beloved specimens that might have a little wear-n-tear) are for evening/weekend wear only- they'd get worn out far too quickly if I wore them to work every day. Your situation might be the exact opposite! Regardless, I've got to stop jumbling the two types of clothes together because it slows my dressing time down immensely. From now own, it's business on the right, party on the left.

6. Facilitate Reusing + Recycling I wrote about fabric recycling, for crying out loud, and yet I'm still not totally on top of it. I do my best to save all of our totally worn-out clothes and linens, but I don't have a dedicated storage space so things fall through the cracks. I'm going to label one bin for fabric recycling and one for thrift store donations, find a way to squeeze them into our little laundry room, and make doing the right thing stupidly easy for all of us.

7. Never Need A Bracelet If there's anything that reading Go Fug Yourself everyday for years has taught me, it's that almost every outfit and situation NAB- the in-house acronym for Needs A Bracelet. I own a few bracelets but always forget to wear them- and they'd provide the zest that my wardrobe so sorely needs. Bracelets at work, bracelets with jammies, bracelets forever!

Do you have any fashion-based New Year's Resolutions?

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