New York’s Little Elves

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not dwarves. We needed a cleaning crew last week and our go-to guy wasn’t available. Who Ya Gonna Call? We got a tip to call Little Elves and can’t say enough good things about them.

They came the same day in a car service (The Elves ride with a car service to get them quickly around town with their equipment), charged $31.50 an hour and did an neat and thorough job.

Barabara Fierman started the Elves nearly 30 years ago and still answers the phone when you call. She will tell you that they clean mainly for architects and designers, including Kip’s Bay Showhouse, and have clients in the Hamptons, Connecticut and New Jersey (travel time is $20 per hour).

Prices are good for this kind of service: $31.50 per hour per person (4 hour minimum), supplies extra, and they bring everything. Done and dusted.

(Re-edited 03-24-05 JR)