Apple TV Drops $100, Raises Some Questions

Apple TV Drops $100, Raises Some Questions

Anthony Nguyen
Sep 15, 2009

Well, well. Surprised? Not really. So approximately two days after our write-up regarding the slow evolution of an actualized Apple Home Server, we see that Apple's dropped their Apple TV a full $100 bucks from its original $329 to $229 for its 160GB model...

Not sure if this is due to ongoing competition to other set-top boxes, but we don't think anyone here has objections to a cheaper Apple TV. Sure, we've got our reservations, but like that's ever prevented anyone from getting creative with Apple's propitiatory hardware.

While we still believe the magic price point remains at $199 - which it's undoubted closer to - we still remain slightly confused about the niche Apple's trying to market to. Surely, someone's got to realize that yes, we do enjoy watching TV, movies, and listening to music on our home entertainment systems, but if they're to compete with all the other options out there which are much less restrictive - and sometimes even free - they've got to come out with a solution that's encourages full customization and near limitless possibilities. This has been key to the marketing success of the iPhone and would not be surprising to see the results generated on a central media hub for the home.

What do you guys think? Is $100 enough to justify an Apple TV purchase at this time?

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