News: Apple Unleashes a Flurry of Updates at WWDC '09

News: Apple Unleashes a Flurry of Updates at WWDC '09

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 9, 2009

Ah, Apple press conferences. It's always fun to watch the masses willing to come together and sacrifice their lunch hour following Tweets and live blogs, just to catch the latest glimpse of what Jobs' got in store for the rest of the financial fiscal year. Luckily, if you happen to be one of the few that didn't even realize this was going on, then you're in luck! Here's a summary of all that goodness that Apple mentioned yesterday at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 made concise for your skimming convenience.

In the Apple laptop category, we've got updates galore, with the Macbook Pros seeing the most consumer-sided benefits with an unbelievable price drop down to $1699 for their entry level model. The bad? Batteries are all non-removable now. Hurray...

The 13" unibody Macbook is now part of the "Macbook Pro" club, and the Air also gets a huge chop in MSRP down to $1499. Also, the ExpressCard slots (that about 1% of the people we know even realize exist) are now replaced with SD card readers. Definitely more practical in our opinion.

The new Leopard Mac OS will also being coming later this year, with a bunch of tweaks that are way too long to be listed here. You can view the full list of features over at the Apple website. It will be available in Sept. 2009 for a mere $29 for Leopard upgraders.

Now onto the iPhone. We now have a new model called the iPhone called the 3GS, which features fancy new features like twice the performance, video, and voice control. The ugly? If you're an early 3G [corrected] adopter, AT&T won't be cutting you any slack. Instead, they'll be asking for $200 for an upgrade. The good? The older iPhone models now start at $99 for the 8GB model. Sweeeet!

That's pretty much the highlights for the show. There was some other fancy Safari talk, but like most things, we'll believe it when we see it. Meanwhile, we'll just stick with our Firefox hacking and get our doubly browsing speeds on, thank you very much.

Enjoy your daily dose of news for today? Let us know your thoughts on the Apple updates in the comments!

(Via Engadget)

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