News: Ben & Jerry's Plant To Run Off Ice Cream

News: Ben & Jerry's Plant To Run Off Ice Cream

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 31, 2011

Ben & Jerry's has decided to power their production plants with their own by-products. Yes, that's right—that means it's an ice cream plant that runs off ice cream! Somewhere Willy Wonka is doing a little dance of joy.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream plant tours have never been a secret, but we might just have to take a trip to see their latest installment of a Bio-Digester. Which rather sounds like some cinematic type of eco-friendly weapon, "Release the BIO DIGESTER!"

The Bio-Digester is better known as the Paques' BIOPAQAFR. It's essentially a chamber full of billions of microorganisms that consume the by-products from the production of ice cream and release it as a biogas. The biogas is then harvested and used to help power the plant. It also purifies waste water as part of the process. Cool, right? Somewhere there's a 3rd grade teacher who is eating their words for telling little Johnny that the world can't be run on ice cream alone. Well done, Johnny, well done.

Read more on the issue over at Paques which better explains the inner workings of the system and why it's important in the green revolution.

(via Inhabitat Image: Flickr member Mr. T in DC and sfadden licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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