News Flash: Small Space, BIG STYLE Wants You

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We just got an email in the box from our friends at SSBS and they are looking for more small homes to film.

They are totally grateful for having found Patrick, Anita, Diana, Robyn, Brandon, Matt & Sharon, Christina & Stephen, Robert, and Marlon through the site, and have caught wind that there may be a few more. So, here’s you chance, folks, read on below:

The new HGTV series Small Space, BIG STYLE showcases some of the smallest and most stylish homes across the US and Canada. If you or someone you know has a fabulous pad with lots of ingenuity, multi-functional ideas, or just great color and design we’d love to hear about it.


1- SIZE: The homes can be ANY type of living space- homes, apartments, condos, lofts, bungalows, yurts, yachts, dorm rooms, houseboats- but they must be under 1,000 square feet!

2- STYLE: The homes must have a unique and/or interesting design style, and should creatively make the most of the limited space.

3- LOCATION: The space must be within a one hour drive of a major metropolitan area.

**NOTE: This is NOT a make-over show. All spaces must be small, stylish, and completed**

To learn more about Small Space, Big Style and how you and your home could be featured in an episode, please visit < a href=””> to sign up, or contact Lauren at BrainBox Productions: