News: Phoenix Plans To Turn Dog Waste Into Electricity

News: Phoenix Plans To Turn Dog Waste Into Electricity

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 11, 2011

If you read my posts, you know I'm quite often concerned about dog waste, and it's not because of some weird fetish. It's merely because it's an everyday issue for dog owners. Well, the city of Phoenix is concerned about it, too, and is now trying to use dog waste to power the lights at the local dog park.

Arizona hopes to turn methane gas from dog waste into electricity. Although it might sound silly to some, if you've ever been to a dog park, there's no avoiding the large trash can full of poo and I for one welcome the advance to try to put it to use.

The idea is simple: waste is picked up by owners in biodegradable bags as normal and deposited into the composter. A crank is turned to churn the mixture (and your stomachs, if you stop to think about it), thus allowing the methane to rise to the top and power the lamp at the park. It will cost around $25,000 to get the project off the ground.

Although it won't impact much (I mean, we probably won't see our street lights or our lamps at home powered by dog waste any time soon), if it sustains the area in which the dogs themselves use, then it's just one more step to making our communities more responsible.

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(Image: Flickr member Michael Oh licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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