News: The Aftermath of the DTV Transition

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s quite amazing that after months of heavy advertising, there are are some people out there who got blind-sided this past weekend by the digital TV transition shift. And when we casually say “some,” we do mean the 2.8 million Americans that saw their TV signals go bye-bye shortly after the cutoff. Luckily, no one here missed that memo, right?

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If you didn’t get the memo, we’ll do it one last time. Seriously. Last time. If you have an older television and no cable subscription and happen to be scratching your head, wondering why the good ol’ rabbit ears are only pulling in static, you need either 1) get a new TV that supports digital signals, 2) grab a digital to analog converter, or 3) get a cable/satellite box.

Your healthy alternatives: 1) kill your TV and read blogs all day, 2) watch TV online (Hulu, YouTube, etc), or 3) go outside and plant a tree.

(Image: Mos)