News To Us: Pet Chickens

News To Us: Pet Chickens

Laure Joliet
Nov 13, 2008

Earlier this year the kitchn spotlighted urban agriculture and specifically people raising chickens in Brooklyn. Yesterday we noticed a forum for people keeping chickens in their backyards right here in LA:

In high school one of my good friends had chickens in her Echo Park backyard, but her parents had a big hillside backyard, a vegetable garden and were the most eco-friendly people I'd met (long before it was in vogue too). As it turns out all sorts of people are adopting chickens as pets and egg-layers. Read about Jenny Murphy who adopted some chickens from a local school's science class and got the bug for keeping them as pets. Then over on Curbed there'sa link to a local forum for backyard chickens.

According to Animal Services chickens must be kept in an enclosed pen 20 feet from their owner's house and 35 feet from any neighbor's house which makes LA and its sprawl a perfect place to do it. Although I think your neighbors wouldn't be thrilled with you if they got woken up by a rooster at the crack of dawn.

But according to The Kitchn's Interview with Owen Taylor of Just Food chickens make great pets:

"They are stand-up comedians — very funny and entertaining. They have very distinct personalities, and just watching them scratch around in the garden can keep you occupied for hours. They play with toys. A lot of people keep them just for their sense of humor. But they do need friends. They are social animals, and they also keep each other warm at night. I'd start with three chickens."

Anyone out there have chickens or a neighbor who does?

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