Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live Newspapers!

Newspapers Are Dead, Long Live Newspapers!

Jeff Heaton
Aug 31, 2011

You might have noticed the sea change in the journalism industry. It seems many papers are sinking beneath those waves, with journalists looking to life raft on internet-based publications. That's not to say it's all going down, the New York Times does not appear to be going anywhere. However, when we ask ourselves where our news comes from, it's not usually from a mid-range paper; niche or wide markets rule. Perhaps we're fetishizing a past that never was, but that's what makes sites like Newspaper Map and Newseum so cool to us.

Newspaper map lets you browse 10,000+ worldwide newspapers and translate them into english. You can filter these by location and language and even revisit long-dead publications like Le Petit Journal circa 1863. America is littered with the crumpled bodies of these expired periodicals. It's a great site for research and we like to use it to get a handle on how other regions of the world view the news. Especially in places with state-run papers and limited information like China.

Newseum is an actual museum in Washington D.C. with a corresponding website focused on news of the world. The site not only delivers the covers of 800 daily newspapers, but curated archives of important events. Daily editors at the museum also pick the 10 best covers of the day, focusing on headlines, photos, innovative design or something else that sets them above the rest. While it won't save the industry, it does call attention to some of the best work of newspaper journalists.

We certainly won't be missing the ink stains on our fingers, but there is something nostalgic and regal about the old daily news other than its use as fish wrap.

Do you still read the paper? Local, National or some other range? Tell us in the comments.

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