Nicole Miller Jumps Harder Into Bed, Bath & Beyond

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Fashion week for beds? With today’s article in the Wall Street Journal, Bringing Chic to Sheets, it is clear that the overlap between runway fashion and domestic bliss is complete. Nicole Miller, the mid range fashion design house is kicking it up in order to kick up its image and pull more dough from our pockets.

While Miller usually sells $400 dresses and $65 ties to the mainstream, it is putting on a $500,000 fashion show this week featuring $2,500 gowns in an effort to reposition itself as a top tier fashion designer. The twist is that success in this effort is not aimed at selling more dresses but in selling more sheets and bedding at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

The real money is in bedding. While Miller’s bedding sells well at BB&B, it starts at $150, while the new signature line will start at $250. Will we buy it? Heck, if they build it well, people will come. MGR