Nifty Gadget Watch: The PogoPlug

Nifty Gadget Watch: The PogoPlug

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 16, 2009

On the outside, it appears to be nothing more than an oversized AC adapter, but a closer look reveals a streamlined solution for internet storage sharing pulled off with so much simplicity that it got us thinking why no one had come up with this solution sooner. Here's how it works: You just plug in any hard drive and Ethernet cable to the PogoPlug and poof! - all your files are instantly accessible from anywhere (PC, iPhone, etc) that has internet connection. Sound juicy enough for ya? More details await you, after the jump.

The Pogoplug is the perfect accessory to your connected life. Imagine accessing all your files and media from any laptop or desktop computer, anywhere in the world. There's even an iPhone application so you can always "phone home" to get your files. Nifty, no?

To access your files, go to and type in your unique Pogoplug registration code. That's it. Now just access away - no uploading, no hassles.

We do have a few concerns about this model, however. One being the fact that your speed of access is absolutely dependent on your upload bandwidth. Secondly, the security of your files is now going to be widely broadcasted across the Internets, something you wouldn't want your taxes or corporate documents to be flying around in cyberspace. Still, if you're using it just for music access or photo sharing, it's hard to recommend a more simpler solution than this.

The Pogoplug can be had right now for $99. Comes in white only, for now.

[Review: Wired]

[Image: Gizmodo]

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