5 Nightstand Alternatives for Small Spaces

published Sep 11, 2021
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Credit: Sylvie Li

My boyfriend and I live in a rather small apartment, which means making difficult choices. Toaster oven or microwave? Coffee table or ottoman? A bigger bed or a second nightstand? For us, getting a bigger bed was non-negotiable since we move around so much when we sleep… which means there isn’t enough room for a second nightstand.

Initially, this was a bit of a problem because I go to bed with three notebooks, my laptop, meds, glasses, and more than anyone needs to go to sleep. But we soon discovered that there are plenty of nightstand alternatives for people in the same boat. Here are five of our favorite options.

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Personally, I’m obsessed with wooden accents in a room. It gives a homier vibe, even if you live in a tiny apartment. My favorite thing about this bamboo shelf is that you can put it wherever you want: closer to you or near the foot of the bed.

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This lamp-like option is perfect for those who need everything charged, and still want some time to read before bed. It comes with USB charging ports, electric outlets, and brings a modern look to any room it’s in. (We actually have one in our living room.)

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If you have little to no room for a table, or your bed is right next to the door (like mine), look into a pocket option like this one. I can fit my meds, phone, tablet, notebook, and every other thing I need in this compact organizer.

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If you have a bit of room on your walls, try a floating shelf! This one is easy to install, simple, and can fit almost anything you need. A friend of mine has these on both sides of her bed and I was so envious, I immediately put it down on my dream house vision board.

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For those on a strict lease and can't afford to make holes in their walls or those who just don’t want to deal with a hammer, consider this adorable, minimalist option. It stays in place with adhesive only, and keeps everything organized.