Nilox Vintage: Turn Vinyl Into MP3s

Nilox Vintage: Turn Vinyl Into MP3s

Range Govindan
May 12, 2009

Have you ever wanted to encode that old record collection your father has lying around? Maybe you've found some gems in the attic and wanted to sample them. It's not easy to listen to records nowadays, since people tend to listen almost exclusively to digital music off their MP3 players. The fact of the matter is that I don't even have a CD player anymore. I have DVD drives on my laptops. The Nilox NX100R will convert records directly into MP3s.

The Italian manufacturer Nilox came up with this strange combo. Strange is a relative word because it's main function is converting vinyl records to MP3s on SD cards or USB flash drives. Sounds pretty simple enough. Some people believe that vinyls are making a comeback. For DJs and anyone else involved in the music scene, vinyls have never disappeared. It's fun to see something like this though. From personal experience, the sounds on a CD tend to be not as rich as the ones on vinyl. There is this great analog quality to music that has been recorded onto vinyl records.

This little device is perfect if you want to encode some records that you've found in attic or some old-time favorites. Naturally, most modern turntables, yes you can still buy them, have output lines so that they can be connected to a computer. If you can find one not too expensive, you can do that setup instead of getting the Nilox NX100r. Still, this device is a pretty neat all-in-one solution. [via Designboom, images via Nilox]

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