Nintendo Drops Price of Wii Console to $199

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Seriously, the Wii has revolutionalized gaming. Video games were once thought of as a single-person hobby enjoyed mainly by teenaged boys. But the Wii, with it’s variety of multi-player, get-off-the-couch games, is proving to be not only a game console, but a home entertainment gadget like no other.

We bought a Wii not too long ago and have been happy to host Wii parties and invite friends over to play. So many of them leave saying, “I have to get one!,” so we’ll be happy to let them know that Nintendo announced that the price of their Nintendo Wii will drop to $199.

The $50 price cut will be effective starting on Sunday.

There’s no extra goodies added to the mix: You’re still getting the console, a Wiimote, a nunchuk and the super-popular Wii Sports game… it’s all just a little cheaper! Who can argue with that?

The price reduction comes on the heels of Microsoft and Sony decisions to drop prices on their respective XBox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles.

(Image: Flickr user adactio under license from Creative Commons.