No Autumnal Colors For Thanksgiving? Project Your Own

No Autumnal Colors For Thanksgiving? Project Your Own

Tess Wilson
Nov 13, 2012

No matter how many years I live in California, I'll always be a Chicago girl who likes her Thanksgivings colorful and her Christmases snowy. San Francisco doesn't offer a lot in the way of magnificent foliage or winter wonderlands, but perhaps a gorgeous seasonal photo projected on the wall might fool me into thinking I'm home again… at least for the duration of a party, while the wine is flowing.

Lately I've seen a couple fun examples of setting kids up with overhead projector scenes to enhance their imagination play. Play At Home Mom LLC printed a bunch of backdrops onto transparency paper using her laser printer (she said it didn't work using her ink jet printer), projected them onto the wall, and let her son's imagination run wild. It looks like he had a blast in the forest, on the beach, in a cockpit, and more. In Mrs. Daigneau and Ms. Camardese Toddler Classroom, a forest scene was projected onto the wall, and the kids had all kinds of woodland adventures.

But why should the children have all the fun? Transforming a wall of your apartment into a blaze of fall colors will give your Thanksgiving party a hint of magic. And knowing how important lighting is at a party, just imagine how lovely your guests will look basking in the golden autumnal glow. Later in the year, a snowy backdrop for a winter holiday party might give your guests a hit of that shivery seasonal thrill, even if it's an unreasonable 60ยบ outside.

Do any of you own overhead projectors? I can't really imagine going out and buying one, but would love to have one if I found it used and cheap. I've heard that some libraries lend projectors, which would be perfect (and free!) if you only needed one for a weekend.

(Image: Zastavki Wallpapers)

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