Home Office: White or Wood Desk?

updated May 8, 2019
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No home office is created equal. No home office is a carbon copy of the other and that’s what is so great about them. You can put your whole personality into the room where you work and create. We’ve narrowed down the two most popular desk choices &mdash White and Wood.

We’re not sure what the psyche behind choosing a wood or white desk is, but we’re surprised to see that those are the top choices. Why don’t we see red, blue or black very often?

We recently made the switch from a black desk to a white desk. We were looking for a desk that would provide a brighter and modern/minimalist ambience in the room. We work better in no clutter situations and in our mind we associated no clutter with a white desk. The white feels modern, clean and brightens our rather small home office.

Wood desks provide a richer, warmer feeling in a home office. They are typically (though not always) larger and bulkier. Space shouldn’t be a huge issue if you’re looking into purchasing a wood desk. We’re in love with the wood desk in Tia and Mikko’s Masterplan.

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What desk are you?