NoMix Toilets Separate Wastes to Maximize Resources

NoMix Toilets Separate Wastes to Maximize Resources

Sonia Zjawinski
Mar 12, 2010

No one likes to talk about what goes on in the privacy of our bathrooms, but how we discard of our own waste is just as important to this whole green movement we all keep talking about. Turns out, if we could separate number one from number two before it reached the sewage treatment plant we'd be in much better shape.

Treehugger reports that NoMix toilets, which separate liquid from solid waste, allow municipal wastewater plants to produce more methane to generate electricity, and they could more easily extract precious nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen for use as fertilizer (instead of using fossil fuels).

Seven European countries have implemented NoMix pilot projects with great results -- "80% of users liked the idea, 75−85% were satisfied with design, hygiene, smell, and seating comfort of NoMix-toilets, 85% regarded urine-fertilizers as good idea (50% of farmers), and 70% would purchase such food." Not surprisingly, the one thing that really threw people off of the No-Mix train was price, "Only 57% (±29%) are willing-to-pay more for a NoMix- than conventional toilet or purchase NoMix-toilets without subsidies."

What do you guys think? Would you be willing to replace your standard porcelain bowl for one of these?

(Images: EyalNow via Flickr Creative Commons; Treehugger)

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