No More Frozen Carrots: Help My Refrigerator!

No More Frozen Carrots: Help My Refrigerator!

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 16, 2011

Remember last week when I mentioned we weren't turning on the heat? All is still well and good, but there has been one very frustrating setback. I'm done with frozen carrots. I'm done with icy hummus. I'm totally over crunchy cabbage (well, more so anyway) and sick and tired of beverages that freeze when I open the bottle. Dear readers, I need your help!

As the temperatures get lower in our house we've bundled up more, outfitted our dogs in sweaters, and kept a kettle of tea ready at a moment's notice. Everything is fine, except our refrigerator. Every summer when the temperatures go up, we turn the knob and make it colder and then in the fall we return it back to its normal setting.

Well, as the temperatures in the house have continued to drop, the fridge isn't as happy about sucking it up and making due as we are. In fact, I dare say it's being an obstinate jerk face! Harsh, I know. As the photo above shows, we have our fridge on the warmest setting possible and we're still freezing foods. The only safe place is in the door!

Now, it isn't below freezing in our house by any means, but it is probably around 40 or so most days (recently anyway). Do you have any suggestions? Should I just leave things on the counter instead of putting them in the refrigerator? Would you start to worry that something might make you sick? If I fill it all the way with water bottles will it help level out the temperature and keep things a little warmer? Thoughts? Suggestions? Help!

(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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