Hot Tip: No More Soap Bits! Rub the Old on the New

Hot Tip: No More Soap Bits! Rub the Old on the New

Angie Cho
Aug 23, 2011

Say goodbye to sad, leftover soap pieces. Do this one easy tip, and you'll never waste good bar soap (and money) again! Functional and efficient, bar soap produces extremely low post-consumer waste and therefore stands heads and shoulders above its bottled liquid counterpart. This tip gives you one more reason to make the switch! Read more for details...

Using bar soap eliminates the need for additional plastic bottles in your home. How many plastic bottles would you eliminate by making the switch? Take into account bottles for liquid hand soaps, body washes, and their refill bags or bottles. That said, here's the how-to on extending the life of your bar soap.

1. This tip involves two pieces of bar soap: your new (or bigger piece of) soap, and your old leftover soap.
2. Please note: The two pieces of bar soap can be any shape! They do not need to be flat like the ones in the photo. Curved and round surfaces work great.
3. After using your new soap (this softens it a bit), scratch several one-inch lines on it, fairly close together and parallel. You can use your fingernail or anything readily available in your bathroom or kitchen, like the corner of a tube of toothpaste.
4. Don't discard the soap shavings. Leave them on, as this eventually forms a paste that bonds the two pieces of soap together.
5. Do the same thing to the leftover piece of soap.
6. Leaving the bigger soap scratch-side up, fill it with a touch of water, just enough to fill the grooves. Be sure not to let the water wash most of the shavings away. The easiest way to do this is to simply fill your hand with water and pour it onto the soap.
7. Positioning the leftover soap scratch-side down, place it on top of the bigger soap and rub the two pieces of soap together, applying firm and even pressure.
8. Leave your newly conjoined soap overnight. It should be well-bonded the next morning.
9. Hint: Be light-handed the first two times you use your newly conjoined soap. Beginners tend not to make enough soap "paste" or rub the two pieces strongly enough.

(Image: Flickr member Soapy Love Deb licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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