No Renovation Required: 5 Ways to Make Your Rooms Instantly Cozier

No Renovation Required: 5 Ways to Make Your Rooms Instantly Cozier

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 13, 2015
(Image credit: Stadshem via Decor8)

Whether it's winter weather getting you down or you just want to up the comfort level of your abode, you don't have to do an incredible amount of work to add more coziness to your place. Here are five easy ways to add cozy and comfort.

Choose an ultra comfy shaped seat

Finding a comfortable-to-sit-in seat is vital, believe us. But also consider the shape of your chairs and sofas when picking them out. Extra curves, rounded shapes, thick cushions and more won't just be more comfortable to sit in, they'll be more comfortable to look at, and just might cast a shadow of coziness throughout the rooms they reside. Spotted on Decor8.

Place points of comfort in lots of spots

Don't just stick to the usual places to add comfort and coziness. Create little vignettes of cozy by adding a small chair, upholstered bench or even just a stack of floor cushions in cold-feeling and empty corners around the house. Seen on My Scandinavian Home.

Cocoon your bed for comfort

Your coziest place in your home is probably your bed, so up the level by cocooning it with curtains or a canopy. Seen on Dustjacket Attic.

(Image credit: Cedar Hill Farmhouse)

Don't forget about the bathroom

While for practical purposes you can't exactly drown your bathroom in textiles, you can find ways to add them in. A thick rug not too close to the bathtub. Dramatic curtains or shower curtains. Fluffy towels that you hang. Spotted on Cedar Hill Farmhouse.

(Image credit: The Design Chaser)

Use comforting materials found in nature

There's something extra cozy about the comforting materials that you can find in nature — and bring into your home. So opt for soft throws and rugs that feature highly textured materials like jute, sisal and sheepskin. Seen on The Design Chaser.

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