Give Up Soap and Shampoo Forever? Sean Bonner Thinks So

Give Up Soap and Shampoo Forever? Sean Bonner Thinks So

Emily Smith
Jan 24, 2011

I've been been on the lookout for eco-friendly shampoos and soaps without those nasty chemicals and plastic packaging. Only recently did I consider, what would happen if I didn't use either? Better yet, would my friends still want to hang out with me?

Thankfully, Sean Bonner, a guest blogger on Boing Boing did a lot of the leg work, and is blogging about his experiences without soap or shampoo. He claims that his skin feels better than ever, and he doesn't really even have B.O.

In his words:

"Your body is designed to regulate itself. Smearing chemicals all over it wrecks its own built-in processes, and screws with naturally balanced pH levels. This made sense to me and I thought I'd give it a shot for a month."

It's got me intrigued. What do you think?

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(image: CC-licensed photograph by Flickr user fdecomite)

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