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No-Fail Tips for Keeping Your Friends Happy While They Help You Move

published Aug 5, 2013
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You may have seen that commercial where the guy is calling all of his friends for help with moving, and they all seem to be conveniently busy or sick. Sound familiar? Moving isn’t usually fun, and when you aren’t the one moving house, it’s even less fun. However, it doesn’t have to be terrible—in fact, it can be a memorable and fun experience if you get the right group of people together and follow these simple tips. 

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1. Proper planning prevents problems. Be prepared with your vehicles (unless they are bringing them and that’s why they got stuck helping you move!), boxes, tape, packing materials, blankets for car protection and maps to help them find your new home. The greatest goal when having friends take time out of their day to help you move is to make it easy on them, and show your gratitude as best as possible. Preparation helps this process.

2. Food! Have some fun snacks or meals on hand, depending on the duration of the move for your friends. Take into consideration what they like and will appreciate. (ie Don’t buy pepperoni pizza for your vegan friends, etc.) Have beer for your drinking friends during the move, but be careful not to drink too much! Also, have plenty of water and cold, icy drinks for super hot days.

3. Don’t expect them to be there all day. Some of your friends may be able to help you for just a little while and then will have to or even want to go about their day. Try to schedule friend-helping time to move large pieces of furniture that you won’t be able to move without help.

4. Do a clean sweep before the move. You might not need a lot of those books you’ve been holding onto, and they are definitely heavy. It will help you and your friends in the long run if you donate some of the items you won’t necessarily be using in your new home.

5. Let them know what to do during the actual move. No one wants to rifle through your things or assume which pieces go where. Help your friends know how to help you by giving them specific tasks to keep them busy and the move, well, moving!

6. Give them a token of your appreciation. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy them a gift—just return the favor. Take them to the airport a few times, or offer a babysitting date night, or organize a lovely dinner party at your new home when it’s all set up! Remember your friends’ acts of generosity and let them know you appreciate them.

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(Image: Rabbit Movers by Lane Johnson for Apartment Therapy)