Noise Pollution: Chainsaw at Midnight? Oh no, he didn't!

Noise Pollution: Chainsaw at Midnight? Oh no, he didn't!

Grace Shu
Dec 4, 2007

We proudly live in the burbtastic Pasadena: everything winds down around 10 pm, and the only real mischief happens on New Years Eve when residents *allegedly* throw eggs and shaving cream at cars camping out for the Rose Parade. So, it was a bit bizarre when around midnight last night, a very rude and disrespectful neighbor decided to start up the chainsaw and demolish his tree. What in the...?

At the time, we were just about to doze off when it happened. Luckily, Gregory happened to be online and offered his two cents: "Just go out there and investigate!" So we did. We went out in the freezing cold and yelled, "SHUT THE .... UP! IT'S MIDNIGHT!" and then promptly went inside. A few minutes passed, and he started up again. What could we do but ring up the cops? Thinking this whole episode would be safely behind us after a chat with the dispatcher, we tried to doze off...only to get woken up about 10 minutes later to the sound of sirens, hollering, and the neighborhood dog choir tuning up. Great. Turns out? The chainsaw guy was, in fact, some random guy who was drunk, stumbled into someone's backyard, found a chainsaw, and was hacking away at dead tree limbs in the yard waste receptacle. He's lucky that he still has his thumbs.

After reflecting on this very weird episode, we started wondering about noise levels and laws. At what time do you think it should quiet down in your neighborhood or apartment complex? Do you report it to the cops or the landlord first?

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