Our Shopping Editor Loves This High-Tech, Cooling Mattress – and It’s $750 off Right Now

updated May 18, 2023
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Credit: Anna Spaller

Buying a mattress, especially with the myriad of options out there, requires knowing the feel you want, the support you need, and your sleep positions and patterns — at the very least. It can be overwhelming, which is why we have our shopping guide and annual Best List to help guide you through the process. But there are some mattresses that really cut this process in half, some that prove we really are living in the future, and the Nolah Evolution, much like its name suggests, is a prime example.

Britt Franklin, our mattress-versed assistant shopping editor, put the Evolution in luxury firm to the test. She actually calls the Nolah Evolution “a miracle” for her quality of sleep. But the positive impressions began way before the sleep tests. “The Nolah Evolution gets delivered in a box that, considering the mattress’s size, is surprisingly small. My family and I all questioned whether or not a mattress was really in there! I was impressed!” Britt describes the box as small and, therefore, easier to move around than your typical mattress box, but there’s still a dense, high-tech mattress inside, so soliciting an extra set of hands is wise. “Once you have it unpacked and unrolled on the bed frame,” she goes on, “it’s ready to sleep on immediately, but it does take 24 hours to fully expand.”

Nolah’s best-selling mattress uses a patented coil system that offers responsive pressure relief rather than a stagnant support level. “I found the self-adjusting aspect to be really comfortable while I slept,” Britt says of this unique feature. “I felt supported no matter which way I turned — even when sleeping on my side, which I’ve been doing a lot more lately. As many of us know, side-sleeping can be a challenging position to accommodate consistently. “It’s an awesome mattress for combination sleepers because it adjusts as you do,” Britt recommends. “I felt super supported throughout the night and well-rested once I got up in the morning.”

Because the Evolution self-adjusts its support levels, this mattress is able to have a plush pillow top that is “pleasantly soft, well-cushioned, and doesn’t take away from the overall feel of the mattress.” It’s 15-inches tall as well, so it’s ideal for those who love the luxurious look and immediate feel of a big, plush mattress, without sacrificing any of the support provided by firmer models. Keep in mind, though, that some sheet sets may not fit over such a high pile mattress, so look for fitted sheets with deep pockets. Britt also says that “since it’s the type of mattress you sink into, there’s a bit of effort that goes into getting in and out of it,” which some enjoy and others find cumbersome, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

As though Nolah couldn’t accept impressive and unique functionality as enough, “it’s a beautiful mattress,” Britt adds. “I’m used to the standard white or off-white mattress without too many bells and whistles.” There’s something about a naked mattress that’s easy on the eyes that feels modern and less like it should be hidden by bedding but rather protected and adorned. “The Nolah Evolution is decorated with a monochrome pattern across the top with a black and gray edge and handles on both sides.” Fancy.

Right now, Nolah is offering early access to its Memorial Day sale with $750 off the mattress and a couple of free pillows with your purchase. There may not be a better time this year to grab yourself Nolah’s best-selling self-adjusting mattress. So, if you’ve been on the market for an upgrade, we suggest making moves fast on this one!

Buy: Nolah Evolution Mattress, $1,749 (previously $2,499)