Non-Commercial Ideas for a Diego Party

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: My son will be turning four soon, and he has told me that he would like a Diego birthday party. I have suggested several other non-character ideas that I thought he might like, but he insists that a Diego party is what he wants. I don’t mind the show too much; it is one of the only shows that he’s allowed to watch. I have been thinking about the spirit of the show and what he and I like about it: rescuing animals, caring for the environment, learning about the world, and learning another language are some things that I like about it. Do your readers have any suggestions for creating a Diego party that isn’t so heavy on the commercial character? I’m thinking of starting with images like this as inspiration and perhaps including the rescuer idea and asking the children to donate to a charity rather than give gifts.

Sent by Corrie

Editor: I don’t know too much about this show so hopefully some readers with Diego fans at home can help you out – readers, what ideas do you have?

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