The Innovative Ironing Tool Our Editor and Readers Are Obsessed with Is 20% Off for Prime Day (You’re Going to Want One Too!)

published Jul 11, 2023
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We personally test a lot of products here at AT, and part of that process entails trying Instagram- and internet-famous gadgets to see if they’re just a gimmick or actually worth the hype. We’re talking constantly-sold-out storage solutions, heavily marketed cookware, TikTok-viral decor, and everything in between. Sure, it’s risky, but it’s always worth it when we end up finding yet another can’t-live-without-it product. For commerce SEO editor Sarah, that item is the Nori press. After it landed on her social media feed one day, she decided to try the innovative tool and subsequently never had to bother with traditional ironing again. The press took a notoriously irksome chore and completely removed the hassle of fabric bunching and dealing with a rickety ironing board. Best of all, you can snag the Nori Press for 20 percent off during Prime Day, so don’t wait too long before checking it our for yourself.

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What is the Nori Press?

The Nori Press sports a design not unlike an extra-large hair straightener. That being said, you won’t find this tool to be clunky or abrasive on clothing — quite the opposite! Upon turning it on, you can choose among six fabric-specific heat settings (poly, silk, wool, cotton, denim, and linen). This allows you to customize the heat setting based on your garment to prevent damage. And because the press is made with two aluminum iron plates, you can press both sides of your garment at once, all without the use of an ironing board. As for positioning your article of clothing, you can either lay it on a flat surface or hang the piece. And, as Sarah noted in her review, the Nori press also has a steamer function. Just fill its reservoir with water (or the brand’s Fabric Facial solution), select the steamer setting, and you’re all set.

If you’re wondering about what types of soft goods you can iron with the Nori press, the limit does not exist. “I’ve used it on everything from cotton tops to silky dresses to jeans with ease,” Sarah wrote. “I’ve also found that this iron has been especially nice on small, tricky areas like collars and hems, smoothing them in one quick press… Having something I can quickly whip out (and put away just as quickly) to smooth or steam my clothing has been life-changing.”

Credit: Amazon

What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 3.9/5

“I have never been the type of person to iron my clothes — it’s such a hassle to get out an ironing board and set it all up and I always burned myself — but this Nori press has completely changed the game… It’s also the perfect size to be handheld while also getting enough surface area, and it’s super safe to use. Could not recommend it enough!” — Elizabeth

“It is perfect for college-age kids who don’t have the space for an iron or ironing board… It is easy to use and works great, definitely perfect for a quick de-wrinkle before an event. It fits right into your bag like a hair straightener.” — Maura

“The Nori is perfect for travel and people working. I travel abroad with it all the time, and it keeps all my clothes looking so nice.” — John

Although this product isn’t the best option for ironing larger linens and garments, it’ll certainly come in handy for everyday apparel and all of your upcoming trips. Easy-to-use, compact, and effective? There’s no reason not to snag the Nori press while it’s on sale.

Buy: Nori Press, $96 (normally $120)